Production FacilitiesFactory and Storage

Century Glass has built up its own Factory and Storage in an area of 27,000 square feet at Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 in the year 2000. in pursuit of excellence, the Company has been procuring latest machinery for processing glass. Please find below a list of machinery in production as:

  • Tempering Plant (IPE Furnace - UK)

  • CNC Glass Cutting Machine (Bottero - Italy)

  • Double Edge Polishing Machine (Hiseng - China)

  • Edge Polishing Machine (Metral- Spain)

  • Automatic Glass Drilling Machine (Metral - Spain)

  • Shaping Machine (Metral - Spain)

  • Beveling Machine (Lattuada - Italy)

  • Sand Blasting (Goldmann - Germany)

  • Washing Machine (Malnatti - Italy & Metral - Spain)

  • Round Glass Making Machine (Metral - Spain)

  • Aluminium Fabrication unit

  • CNC Multifunctional Edge working Machine (INTERMAC - Italy)

Glass Cutting Machine

Glass Polishing Machine

Glass Cleaning Machine